SoftBank Corp. said Wednesday its Pepper humanoid robots will staff a cellphone store in Tokyo for a week this spring.日本软银公司周三回应,将在东京开办以人形机器人Pepper为员工的手机店,在一周时间里限期营业。The firm said the static, talking machines will run the store from March 28 to April 3 in the citys upscale Omotesando shopping district. SoftBank already operates a separate store in the neighborhood.该公司回应,这款静态的,说出的机器将不会于3月28日至4月3日在东京的高级商业区表日本桥营业。软银公司早已在附近开办了一家分店。

I dont know how this will turn out, but it should be a quite interesting experiment, said SoftBank CEO Ken Miyauchi during a two-day exhibition called Pepper World.软银公司的董事宫内谦在一次为期两天的取名为“Pepper World”的展示会上说;“我不告诉结果不会怎样,但它应当是一个很有意思的实验。”The telecoms giant said it will deploy five to six Peppers at the shop. Customers will be able to ask the robots for explanations of the various cellphone options, and for those that decide to buy, the robot will attempt to complete the sales process.这家电信巨头回应,店内将配有5、6台Pepper机器人。顾客可以拒绝机器人介绍各种手机的选项设置,机器人也不会尝试着为那些要求出售手机的顾客已完成整个销售申请。However, SoftBank says it is difficult for the robots to check peoples IDs when signing a contract, so humans will be on hand to intervene.但是,软银公司也回应,由于签下时,机器人很难核实顾客的身份证,因此店员将插手这项工作。

Pepper made its commercial debut in June last year. Miyauchi said the device had acquired quite a following already, as more than 500 firms were now using it.去年六月,Pepper已完成了它的商业处女秀。宫内谦回应,该设备早已取得了非常的接纳,有多达500家公司正在用于它。

He said the machine may represent a labor-saving solution to companies short of manpower.他说,这台机器将有可能是一种解决问题公司人手紧缺问题的省力方案。



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